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Are We Our Past Lives?
Soul Patterns in Personalities and Relationships
by Marie Gates

Marie is one of D'Ann Rohrbach's clients, and ARE WE OUR PAST LIVES is a good companion for D'Ann's book.  In detail, it illustrates how Marie's past lives, as revealed by HVT, have affected her life.

    From Chapter One...MarieGatesMediaPhoto

AreweOurPastLives-CoverFront  Reeling from shock after my first session with D’Ann, I could scarcely believe I had swallowed poison.  I had used it to commit suicide nearly 1,800 years ago in the Holy Land as a girl I will call Leah, conceived out of wedlock by parents in their teens.  I will refer to them as David and Mariam. 

 D’Ann is an energy healer who channels past lives through special spirit guides, and she revealed the tragedy.  A woman’s moaning and a baby’s cooing can be heard on the tape of this session.

 Because their families disowned them, Leah’s parents moved to a larger town to hide their shame and to escape gossip.  Unskilled, David labored at a low-paying job.  Leah was born in their new home, and her parents were happy to have her.  However, Mariam, who had been close to her family, missed them.  She often cried and bitterly regretted the pain she had caused.  David had not been close to his family...

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